General Dentistry

Dental Professionals of Fair Lawn offers a complete range of dental services. We utilize the latest technology to make your visit convenient and effective.


Nitrous Oxide Sedation

To ensure your comfort throughout treatment, our office provides nitrous oxide sedation to help you enjoy a relaxing, rewarding dental experience. Sedation may be a good option for patients who suffer from dental anxiety or for patients who are undergoing several procedures in a single visit. Our training and experience makes sedation a safe, effective, and convenient choice for our patients.



Periodontal diseases are caused by bacterial infections that attack the gums, ligaments, and bone. Periodontal disease may be characterized by swollen gums that are tender and bleed easily, spaces between the teeth and gums, or persistent bad breath. Left untreated, periodontal disease can cause tooth loss. Depending on the progression of the disease, a number of treatments may be recommended, including professional cleaning, scaling, or periodontal surgery.


Oral Surgery

Our practice offers a number of oral surgery services to maintain the overall dental health of our patients, including routine extractions to prepare for orthodontic or denture treatment as well as wisdom teeth extractions. Oral surgery may also be used to manage advanced periodontal disease. We take extensive measures to ensure the comfort and safety of our patients throughout all oral surgery procedures.



When the thin strand of dental pulp at the center of a tooth is injured or infected, endodontic treatment, or root canal therapy, may be used to save the tooth and protect it from further damage. Our office utilizes air-driven rotary endodontic equipment to perform faster root canals that minimize patient discomfort. The rotary equipment precisely removes the nerve tissue so the tooth can be sealed with a porcelain crown for a natural, healthy-looking result.


Pediatric Dentistry

Our doctors and staff understand the needs of younger patients and can help put your child at ease during their visit. Our comfortable office allows your child to experience gentle care in a relaxing manner. With professional cleanings and exams, we can quickly identify and treat any concerns, so your child can develop a healthy, beautiful smile.


TMJ Disorder

Thousands of people in the United States suffer from TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder, which can cause jaw tension and pain, clicking in the jaw, neck pain, headaches, and hearing difficulties. TMJ therapy attempts to bring balance to the muscles, teeth, and joints through a number of possible treatments. The experienced dentists at our practice can recommend the best therapy option based on their evaluation of your condition. To learn more about this disorder or the available treatments, please contact our office today.



Digital X-rays

Digital radiography is a safer, more effective technique for making x-ray images of the teeth and mouth. Digital technology exposes patients to one-tenth the amount of radiation as conventional x-rays techniques, and the images produced are clearer, easier to enlarge, and can be conveniently stored on computer or CD for future use.


Intraoral Cameras

An intraoral camera is a pen-sized device that the dentist can use to examine your teeth and mouth more closely. It is a very convenient diagnostic tool that creates video images of the inside of the mouth. Not only does this allow the dentist to screen for potential problems more thoroughly, but it also makes it possible for patients to see and understand their dental needs.


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